12 April 2009

Aniversery of yuri gagarins spaceflight

In 1961 Yuri Gagirin became the first man in space, today is the aniversery of his spaceflight. Here is a photo of him. He died in a plane crash 27th march 1968 (age 34).

01 April 2009

Krazy Klub

I've recently become a member of Jeremey Strong's Krazy Klub; It's realy cool! All you do is folow this link http://krazyklub.campaignserver.co.uk/site/1.php5 and sign up.

Oh here is a tip Becksia Cheats...

Pen pals

You know this blog has just about anything in it (you see it's in the title). Anyway I recently answard a pen-pal advert in the newspaper so now I have 2 pen-pals Goldie Jane Stewart (in namibia) and Connor Venmore (in New Zeland). I would like another penpal so if you want to learn about St.Helena e-mail to andrew@burghhouse.com And i will be happy to reply.

I've just started

My name is Andrew Turner

Guess what; Jim lovel (an astronaught) is being awarded another medal. Looking at his NASA
biography (just click the link) he has so many that his official jacket must weigh a tonne!